What is Onboarding?

15 June 2020 — HUMAN RESOURCES

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is a word you’ve heard of for sure, but do you really know what it means and what this famous concept in the Human Resources department encompasses?


The truth is that within the recruiting process, there are different fronts to be addressed by those in charge of human capital management.

Once the right partners have been selected, the process of facilitating their integration into the entity begins.

Onboarding would say precisely that, a methodology whose objective is the optimal adaptation of new collaborators to the company.

The performance of their function in an adequate manner within the position, as well as the promotion of interpersonal relationships with newcomers, is the purpose with which the execution of this is driven.

Main Objectives

  • Encourage the internalization of the business culture since the collaborator is officially part of the company
  • Understanding of the individual and group functioning of the user within the business activity
  • Sense of acceptance and comfort by the new member.

Although a priori to do something logical, companies that do not implement it risk:

  • Difficulties such as early resignations due to discomfort.
  • Increase in unhealthy competition leading to a hostile environment.
  • Insufficient synergies in business processes

Onboarding is NOT Induction

Although many times they have been related, the truth is that these two terms are not the same.

While Induction seeks legal stability in the company-collaborator contractual relationship, Onboarding seeks to stabilize the function of that collaborator in the most peaceful way possible.


The “Onboarding” process is one of the tools increasingly used today, although it is still not in the daily routine of all companies.

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