What does emplea360 offer CEOs?

Integra and SAP SuccessFactors brings you emplea360. The solution which provides a comprehensive overview of all employee-related matters. Being able to integrate processes, streamline decision making and take a step forward in the digital transformation of your business.

Along this line, your employees will be able to manage his/her vacations, payslips, data, professional career… both from a PC as well as from his/her mobile phones, thus improving his/her experience as an employee.

✔Access to reports, information exploitation
✔Payroll issues register
✔Payroll process monitoring
✔Absences/vacations management
✔Employee portal
✔Activity reports register
✔GDPR compliance with SAP SuccessFactors

Digital transformation which brings order and organisation to the whole and improves the employee experience.

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The digital transformation tool

Real-time access to information

Functionalities by profiles (administration portal, employee portal ...)

Transaction management

Employee Self-Service (Personal Data, Academic Data, Family Data, Absences and Attendance, Receipts)

Workflows and approvals

Reports and analytical data

Provision of support to the company throughout the entire transformation process


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