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7 May 2020 — News

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We must flatten the COVID-19 curve together.

We are not indifferent to world events. The information does not stop falling for the cascade of the news, making raise the present and the most immediate future of the operation of the companies. So that the flow of the economy continues with its synergy.

The global health alert has caused uncertainty in business activity on all fronts that it covers. Many of these fronts remain open in the fight against COVID-19, an impediment to stabilizing the particular situations of companies.

COVID-19, more popularly known as the “coronavirus”, has revolutionized the industrial landscape. Companies focus their efforts on providing health security to their employees, families and communities, and for this reason Integra is aiming to improve and establish a foundation that will help in the activity of our clients, partners and associates.

Integra has a team of 120 professionals certified in personnel administration, payroll and talent management by SAP Human Resources (HCM) to carry out the digital transformation and management of this adjusted to the needs of your company, in a remote and secure way.

As experts in Human Resources Solutions, we are committed to protecting the latent relationships with our entire environment, making this situation as bearable as possible.

Get inspired. Improve. Innovate.

Integra HCM Management

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