Social Networking Recruitment

1 June 2020 — News

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Social Networking Recruitment

Recruitment 2.0 or Social Networking Recruitment

Social Networking Recruitment or Recruitment 2.0 is not an unknown concept in the minds of corporate integrators. Times are changing. And with them, all the processes related to the company’s activity.

Today, good recruiters are aware that the most viable way to get the talent they are looking for is on social networks.

And why the recruitment in Social Networks?

Contrary to widespread thinking, Social Networks are not just entertainment. In fact, they are much more than entertainment. They are knowledge, information, spontaneity or communication.

And among all these things, there is also talent. Exposed talent, with no filters, ready to be found by today’s recruiters.

How can I look for that talent in the RRSS?

In order to know which is the most adequate RRSS to look for a profile that adapts to the position to be covered, first we must be aware of the profile we are looking for. That is to say, what features or skills would characterize a person who is operating in that position.

Would you look for an IT specialist in a forum of expert fishmongers?

I think I know the answer. So do you.

That’s how social networking works. Each one has its own focus of target people, that is, people with similar characteristics in terms of interests move.

Below are the characteristics of each of the social networks that can give us a rough idea of the talent we are looking for.

Characteristics of the different Social Networks:

  • LinkedIn: Not surprising. The professional tool par excellence. Very useful to attract both passive and active candidates, with an exclusively professional profile in which people move from recent graduates (24 years), to profiles of responsibility in all types of sectors (54 years). Ideal for B2B.


  • Facebook: The most relevant part of this social network is the more than 1,350 million users, of all ages and sexes, who interact on it. Although this may be a difficulty, the platform’s segmentation tools (Facebook Audience Insights) make it much easier to find the profile we want to find. Ideal for B2C.


  • Twitter: It is the social network of information flow. Sharing links or professional content that facilitates the search and recruitment by recruiters via networking. The typical profile of Twitter are people who work in the digital environment with experience (70% of users over 25 years).


  • Instagram: Despite what was believed, this social network has made a huge leap in the business world. What used to be seen as a social network only for young people has been presented as a multimedia opportunity to showcase creativity. The focus of talent is on designers, artists, decorators or performers mainly. Women predominate (55%), with a young audience (18-36 years).


  • GitHub: Finding an IT profile has never been easier. This social network has been created to save IT projects, being able to access and even test demos of projects created by the candidates. Developers, programmers or geeks are the predominant profiles.

There are many more social tools, but broadly speaking these are the tips you need to know to choose the right talent.

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