Preconfigured Payroll

Learn from experience.

SAP HCM is a solid, flexible and tremendously powerful product. Guaranteeing solidity without losing the flexibility of adaptation to companies of different types and sizes is a complex work of adaptation and only suitable for specialised personnel.

Reducing costs.

At Integra we are aware of this and have sought out methods that allow us to shorten implementation periods, and thereby reduce project costs.

Preconfigured Payroll.

To facilitate and shorten implementation periods, Integra has developed a Spanish preconfigured payroll on SAP HCM. If the layout of the preconfigured payroll is adapted to the specific circumstances of the client, the implementation period may be reduced to 3 months.

Maintenance service

When the project is completed, Integra offers the client a corrective and development support service to accompany the client throughout the life cycle of the solution.

Training strategy

In all of its projects, Integra includes a training strategy, with the object of involving the client’s key users until they can use the tool with ease.

  1. It begins with initial training.
  2. It involves the key users in the design of the solution.
  3. Key users are worked with in evaluation periods.
  4. Post-production support is provided until the user feels comfortable with the tool.