NUBO, the intelligent Cloud HR

Make your HR department a success factor for your company with NUBO, a solution developed by the team at Integra, an HR Path company. The principle is simple: choose only those services that will really help you move forward. Faster, more efficient and more economical.

Implementation consists of four phases:

🔹 Enable: Pre-consulting to analyse the way in which NUBO is to be implemented in the company’s characteristic system.
🔹 Establish: Phase in which all decisions taken in the previous phase will be implemented.
🔹 Customise: Corroborate that the solution works as expected. Check that everything is going according to plan, that there are no problems.
🔹 Activate: Once the previous problems have been solved, the solution is activated and passed to support.

NUBO based on SuccessFactors in a 100% Cloud environment. Pre-configured platform that makes it easy to get up and running: in just 4 weeks.

What are the features of NUBO?

HR Core

The new face of Human Capital Management.


Find and nurture top talent – and get a decisive edge on your competitors.


Ensure that new employees can work quickly and productively.


Build a high-performance, flexible team that acts together and rewards each employee according to their performance.


Targeted further development of employees and the company.


Positive and specific succession rules for current and future success.


Motivated employees thanks to great compensation.

HR Analytics

Obtain data from employees to analyse it in a complex way and find evidence for strategic decision making.

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