Services outrourcing of Personal administration, Payroll and Talent with SAP Successfactors

Maintenance and Technical Support of SAP HCM and SAP Successfactors architectures. Both in own clients and in existing facilities.

Outsourcing of Personnel Management, Payroll and Talent processes with SAP Successfactors.

The platform emplea360 was born as the result of the alliance between Integra and SAP. The emplea360 platform allows Integra to provide its customers with their own SAP Successfactors platform to offer BPO and TBPO services for the Personnel, Payroll and Talent Administration processes.

(*) BPO: Business Process Outsourcing.
(**) TBPO: Technical Business Process Outsourcing

The emplea360 platform was born as the result of the alliance between Integra and SAP

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What contributes and who benefits employment 360 - SAP Easy Payroll?

The objective, to give an answer and solution to the concerns of each of the actors in the process:


I am concerned about facing the digital transformation of the company and the administrative interaction with the employees.


It would help me a lot to have visibility and control over personnel costs autonomously when and how I need it.


I am interested in managing our talent in an integral way and making sure we are prepared for the Digital Transformation.


I believe it's important to interact with my company with the same user experience as interacting with a social network.

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