Is digitalization and digital transformation the same thing?

22 May 2020 — News

Is digitalization and digital transformation the same thing?

Digitalization and digital transformation are not the same.

The confusion comes from the origin of the terms (similar in origin), the variant information circulating on the Internet and the incorrect criteria of users in networks.

Under the guise of “modern business” or “modern company”, many companies have taken advantage of these terms to convey that they are up to date with market demands. Another time, they have used it to “cover up” the traditional products or services they still offer.

For this reason, we want to help you clarify: what is the impact of each one of them?



Digitization is those processes that are altered by technology. Either through the use of programs adapted to the company at a global level, or through the use of specific software for a particular department.

In short, digitization speeds up work processes, increasing the efficiency and productivity of economic activity, while simultaneously reducing processing times and investments.

Digital Transformation

We could say that the digital transformation is the bridge that leads us to exploit the opportunities offered by the market. The process that updates companies from yesterday to today.

This fact deepens in the reconversion of the business models, providing the company with tools that allow taking advantage of the digitalization (that has to be executed previously) to the economic activity.

Both processes have an impact on the company as a whole, from its business approach to the people who make it up, optimising the potential of their skills.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”

Sayings are always based on experience. And if they exist, it’s for a reason.

Don’t wait for the digital transformation of your company.

The future is here. At Integra HCM we know it.

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