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23 June 2020 — SuccessFactors

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Do you want to make your company a digitally cutting-edge site?

Digitization is a process in which the management of complex processes is handled by technology. Therefore, this digitization accompanied by the digital transformation of the company, can achieve greater visibility, greater control in all processes of the employee experience and exploitation of information.

What does Emplea360 bring and what are its benefits?

  • CEO: It provides a global vision of everything related to your employees. Integrating processes, speeding up decision making or the flexibility it gives employees in terms of managing their holidays, payroll or data from their mobile or computer.
  • HR Director: Regardless of the size of the department, it provides you with technological tools that allow you to define the procedures, execution and performance of candidates, employees and managers.
  • Financial Director: Allows you to access and control centrally the management of human capital, allowing you to reduce the administrative workload, and therefore, its cost.
  • Employee: You will have what you need to access your payroll, manage absences or leaves, focus your training and career from a portal accessible online wherever you are.

Why use Emplea360?

It is very simple. Integra’s track record in digital transformation processes is superlative thanks to its knowledge and experience in SAP solutions, proven by its SAP Gold Partner and SAP Service Partner qualifications.

With Integra you are assured:

  • Support to your company during the whole transformation process.
  • Real focus on process optimization and cost reduction.
  • Generation of specific value reports
  • Tools for process monitoring
  • We want to advise you

Let us show you the keys to emplea360 and how it can help your company in a particular way. Enjoy the advantages that SAP EasyPayroll can provide you and the guarantee of the Integra service.

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