IntegraFlex  is a solution intended for companies which manage their Personnel and Payroll Management with SAP HCM or SAP SuccessFactors.
The product enables employees to make his/her salaries more flexible by voluntarily choosing the products which he/she is specifically interested in at any given moment. IntegraFLEX is an Add-on which equips SAP with the additional functionality required to bring the Flexible Remuneration process into line with the national market. IntegraFLEX includes the entire process circuit: request, approval, management, novation agreement and integration with service providers.
All this with a constant focus on optimisation, which has as great added values an excellent graphic interface aligned with the current user experience and the automation of the processes based on a native integration with SAP

All administrative processes related to employee payroll in a single solution


Comprehensive system which allows for a more efficient management without duplications/errors. All data resides in the same system.

Optimised processes on a Cloud platform.

To incorporate the best market practices.

Simple and intuitive user interface.

Complete application and approval flows.

Full legal coverage.

Flexible retribution product integrated with the SAP payroll engine.