Digital Transformation

The Digital and Cultural Transformation of companies is essential to succeed in an increasingly competitive and digitised market. At Integra  we are experts in defining the steps required to bring about an efficient and real cultural change. Furthermore, we have the best SAP SuccessFactors technology to sustain a new communication and management model aligned with the current user experience.

Our objective is to enable the Human Resources department of any company to be at the forefront of technology.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation revolutionises the way we interact with the company's information systems, it entails accessing information where and when required, it entails optimising Human Resources management processes, making these more efficient, saving money and time.

Change Management

The objective is to position strategic messages in the collaborator's mind, which increase his/her motivation and willingness to change. It is about training, conveying or in other words making the collaborator an accomplice in the process.

Analysis, design, and reengineering of Human Resources processes

The transition to a new platform must be understood as an opportunity to align business processes with the best market practices.