Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

29 May 2020 — News

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What are Big Data and AI?

Big Data

There is a saying that “knowledge is power”. Well, the Big Data is really that, power because of knowledge. It encompasses the concept of the famous “data cloud”.

This is a term as simple as the accumulation of networked information. This data is generated in a massive way, which prevents its correct processing and management with ordinary tools.

Colloquially, it has been nominated as “the oil of the 21st century”. According to data provided by the EU, we are talking about a production of about 6 Megabytes/person per day, and approximately 1700 new trillion bytes/minute, data that will have been doubled by 2025.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence carried out by machines. These machines are capable of perceiving, understanding and reacting to the environment as if it were a real person. It is the perfect medium for automating processes and making decisions in real time.

It is estimated that by 2025 the increase in the use of AI tools will be approximately 85% higher than today, representing a market figure of 127 million Euros in terms of turnover.

But how can Big Data and AI help my company?

Big Data is an effective means of problem solving. Thanks to the abundance of information, with the right tools, we can solve many of the doubts that the company has, even those that have not yet been raised. In other words, it provides us with the necessary references to continue growing.

AI is one of those business investments that are beginning to be identified as “necessary” for the operation of the company. It optimizes labor-intensive processes that waste valuable time in processes of higher relevance.

The truth is that both AI and Big Data have ceased to be a utopia and have reaffirmed themselves as one of the potentially essential elements.

What about the HR department?

Indeed, the so-called “Third Industrial Revolution” or “Digital Revolution” is closely linked to the human capital department.

The optimization of processes and the accumulation of data allows companies to be more organized and precise when carrying out their activity, both internally and externally.

The truth is that these concepts (both Big Data and AI) are compatible with the purpose of key optimization.

If we analyze usability cases, we could highlight:

  • Recruitment: It is increasingly difficult to find the talent that stands out and fits as much as possible to the needs of our company. Therefore, the use of Big Data as a source of knowledge, and AI, as the realization of this knowledge in minor automation processes. Therefore, they are complementary sources.
  • Internal communication channel: Based on the data provided by the Big Data, Artificial Intelligence can help us in solving problems. An example is the suggestions, advice or warnings on how to carry out, in the most appropriate way, the internal communication. It is especially useful for directing communication to the focus of the problem and solving it more effectively. Likewise, AI opens a window to virtual interaction through chatbots that sporadically solve very specific doubts in meetings, programs or day-to-day events.
  • Internal Training: Knowing that we need the new members of the company can help us establish specific training criteria for the position. AI promotes an improved self-learning approach by encouraging the establishment of ultra-personalised bases that allow the growth of the individual’s learning curve.
  • Task automation: as mentioned above, this is one of the great strengths of AI, aided by Big Data. Saving time and money, accompanied by an improvement in productivity due to the exclusion of routine activities, perfects and adapts the company to the times.
  • Intelligent Provisioning: Based on the control of the means available to the company through the “cloud”, Artificial Intelligence provides us with forecasts of how the corporate activity will evolve in order to anticipate it.
  • Staff Control: Allows to speed up the employees’ work shifts, as well as the forecast of the hiring needs that the company has at a certain time of the year. Likewise, it allows us to maintain a safer environment in which our workers feel comfortable to carry out their tasks.
  • Detect and Avoid Cyberattacks: The Big Data, as you know, is aware of the most current programmatic problems. This fact, accompanied by AI, allows us to be aware and foresee which are the the focuses that can generate problems in the business computer system.

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